Why FitNation?

FitNation is the most comprehensive, user friendly community based fitness and nutrition app on the market. And it's FREE. Come join our nation. FitNation. We welcome you. #PositiveChange

Caters for Everyone

FitNation is for fitness enthusiasts of all levels wanting to lose weight, build muscle or improve function and flexibility.

Customizable Features

Use the meal plan generator to create a personalized meal plan. Create your own workout plans using the extensive exercise library.

Macronutrient & Activity Tracker

Calorie and macronutrient tracker keeps track of what you’ve eaten and how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day.

Healthy Recipes

Our team of world class chefs have created healthy and delicious recipes for every meal so you never have to think about what to cook.

Personalized Meal Plans

Our meal plan generator will create a personalized meal plan for you based on your training and lifestyle habits, dietary choices and health goals. Your meal plan will be created to meet your exact calorie and macronutrient requirements based on your goal and timeframe selected.


This is the nation of fitness and health

Comprising of people that are bound by the common thread of never ending and continuous improvement.


Learn More

Each week articles will be added from our expert content contributors covering training, nutrition, recipes, tracking, and mindset advice.

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Why FitNation?

FitNation is a freemium app that offers in-app purchases for customizable features.

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  • 300+ meal plans
  • Amazing Recipes
  • 500+ exercises
  • Instruction Videos
  • Goal Tracker
  • Easiest app.